Relaxing Ocean Sounds (10 Hours)

The unrelenting sound of the ocean is a wonderful thing.

I’ve always loved the sound of the sea, and on a recent trip to the West Coast of New Zealand got a nice recording to share with you all. Take a listen, it’s 10 hours of beautiful ocean sound – I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

What are relaxing ocean sounds good for?

  • Calming the mind and body
  • Combating sleeplessness
  • Promoting deep sleep
  • Studying
  • Concentrating on your work
  • Meditation
  • Soothing a baby

Calming ocean sounds to relax mind and body

Most people have experienced the relaxing effect of hearing the relentless ocean waves crashing, though often we pay it little attention at the time.

As we often find ourselves caught up in modern life in cities and offices, it is very common to lose contact with the natural world – and the rich sounds of nature.

When we get out into nature and listen to the crash of the ocean waves, the soothing noise of it all tends to wash over us as well. Lose yourself in it, and see how relaxing it can be for your mind and body.

Does hearing ocean waves help with deep sleep?

For most people, yes absolutely! In fact, it can be extremely useful for both falling asleep in the first place, as well as for helping achieve deeper sleep.

Something about that chaotic rhythm and unstoppable white noise is just so good to listen to.

Ocean sounds for studying and concentration

Many people studying around the world go straight for the sounds of nature – in particular things like ocean waves to achieve better concentration. A nice addition to the relaxed state of mind it brings as well!

It’s not only studying that listening to ocean sounds can help – concentration on many types of work or projects can be boosted by switching from music to the sort of white noise that the ocean provides us. I’ve noticed this in a big way lately, and definitely recommend you give it a try.

Meditation ocean sounds are a perfect match

Listening to relaxing ocean wave sounds actually works very well with meditation too I’ve been informed, and that doesn’t surprise me. While I wouldn’t say I meditate, I definitely experience the peace of these locations out in nature – and thankfully now also through my recordings of them.

The organic white noise of the ocean waves crashing on the shore should not be missed out on!

White noise of the ocean for soothing a baby

As I’ve learned through our journey of our own baby, sometimes some soothing ocean white noise is remarkably effective.

Just as adults experience the relaxation from these sounds, so to do babies – and at a deep level – and this can be useful to soothe them to sleep.